Anna Thelen, 16 years old

Kerem, 6 years
September 23, 2017

Anna Thelen has been a student at the DSBU since she was 7. She was the first student of the school and is the only one who spent each day of study here, from the very beginning until the present day.

T herefor, her story represents best the spirit of the DSBU. We asked her to tell us a memory from each school year and we heard from her a story filled with adventures, happy moments, frendships, harsh teachers, cool teachers, partys, camps and hard exams. And books.

„For the DSBU, the child is of utmost importance, because it is very important to offer a good education and the teachers are really doing their best to achieve that. We count and we have priority in everything. Whenever we have a problem, solutions are quickly found”, says Anna.


If she could turn back time, would she change anything?

„I would not move to another school, I would not turn back time.”

Would she really not change a thing? Not even the hours spent in the teacher’s livingroom because she was the only student of the school?

We won’t be giving you the answer. We leave you to find it here: