Education Is Life

Bildung Ist Leben

“Bildung Ist Leben - Education Is Life”

In order for this to turn into reality, we need your support and envolvement. This is how we came up with the campagne called „Bildung ist Leben” standing for „Education means Life”, and at the same time the invitation to build together, here and now, the future of thousands of children who will follow your example.

We are gladly inviting you to be part of our DSBU project, financing the construction of the new school, sponsoring and planting a tree in the school yard. We aim very high: we wish to plant at least 40 trees, each one representing a sponsorship worth 25.000 Euros.

Your sponsorship can be split into three payments, on three different fiscal years, thus your financial effort being smaller.

You can become the godfather of a tree, which shall grow roots in the schoolyard and which shall survive over the years.

The trees shall grow straight, vertically, just like your children will. You won’t be just planting a tree, you will be giving life; you won’t be just building a school, but a cleaner and safer future.

Each tree shall bear a name tag, with each sponsor’s name on it.

What we are proposing you, is the association of your name or your company’s name, through a 25.000 Euro worth sponsorship for the new DSBU (in money or products), with the new school but also with a small forest.